Enhance Your Smile & Transform Your Life

It’s no secret that our bodies begin to deteriorate with age. You might find that your teeth become discolored, experience cavities, trauma, grinding/clenching, or become extracted. This will have an impact on the overall shape of your face, often causing it to look shorter and causing deep lines around your mouth and chin. You may also start to experience issues like jaw pain and problems with your bite.

If you’re unhappy with the toll the aging process is taking on your smile, Dr. Phillips can help. Our office offers full mouth reconstruction to restore your beautiful smile once again. We combine restorative dental care with cosmetic dentistry to provide patients with beautiful and functional full mouth reconstruction results. Are you ready to transform your smile and your life?

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Your full mouth reconstruction begins with a consultation with Dr. Phillips, our specialized prosthetic dentist. Dr. Phillips will use our advanced dental technology to examine your mouth to identify and diagnose present dental problems. He will also ask you what you dislike about the appearance and function of your smile. Based on his findings during the exam and your own concerns he will give you several different treatment options to help you achieve your smile goals. He will discuss each treatment plan in-depth to help you decide which one is best for you. Feel free to ask Dr. Phillips any questions you have during the process.

The ultimate goal of full mouth reconstruction is to restore your oral health, bite and cosmetics to attain a beautiful smile you’re in love with. Full mouth reconstruction generally combines several dental treatments to achieve one amazing result. It might take a few visits to help you achieve your desired results. It’s important to just be patient and know that you’re in excellent hands.

A Personalized Dental Plan For You

If you have several different dental problems occurring in your mouth like missing teeth, cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, broken crowns or other problems, you might benefit from full mouth reconstruction. Our goal is relieve any pain and restore your facial features in a way that looks natural and helps you feeling confident in your smile again.

Contact Dr. Philips to schedule a consultation to get started. Please call 202-463-2090 or contact us online to book an appointment.

Full Mouth Reconstruction helps correct..

  • Inadequate Function
  • Wrinkles
  • Worn Down Teeth
  • TMJ symptoms