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A New Approach to Airway and Sleeping Disorders

Approximately 93% of our children in America today have crooked teeth and/or a bad bite. That is an alarming statistic, and it deserves attention.  Our jaws have been shrinking since the  time of our stone-age forbearers  who had straight teeth, including their wisdom teeth, and good bites. The rate of this shrinkage has greatly accelerated over the most recent number of centuries and even over the most recent number of generations.  This is deemed to be the result of  soft “western” cultural dietary habits in the child rearing years where the muscles of the tongue and jaw no longer exert adequate pressure on the developing bones of the face, most importantly the roof of the mouth, such that they fail to develop as they were genetically programed.  The upper jaw sets the stage for most of what you look like.  The shape of the middle of the face effects your nose and eye sockets, your profile out, your cheek bones, and the location of the upper teeth for your smile and of course eating.  It effects the internal spaces of the mouth to accommodate your tongue to chew and swallow, your nose to breath and the opening of your throat as the gateway to that which sustains us – food, air and water.  The mouth- throat- nose complex could not represent a more applicable marriage of form and function. When the upper jaw is not developed as nature designed, many systems of the body suffer.

The VIVOS System

Improve your quality of sleep

Achieving optimal health requires proper breathing. Proper breathing is essential for quality sleep and improved quality of life. Currently, 90% of Americans suffer from conditions linked to improper breathing or lack of sleep. Some of these conditions include sleep apnea, depression, asthma, allergies, ADHD, snoring, hypertension and much more. One of the major causes of improper breathing is from an underdeveloped upper and/or lower jaw. When the jaw is underdeveloped, it causes a smaller airway which leads to a restriction of air. When the airway is restricted, it can decrease oxygen levels and cause a lack of sleep. By simply improving breathing, sleep and quality of life can also improve.

One way to correct an underdeveloped jaw and improve breathing, sleep and life quality is with the Vivos®system. Vivos®is a non-surgical approach to target craniofacial underdevelopment. Vivos® appliance therapy promotes proper upper and lower jaw development by signaling stem cells to biomimetically induce bone growth. Once the jawbones create a more ideal airway for better breathing, health problems reduce and quality of life improves.

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