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Capital Crescent Trail

The Capitol Crescent Trail is a jewel of the Washington, DC area. Touted to be the most used recreational path in the country, it offers an enclave of seclusion and escape to nature available at a moments notice. It is bordered along the beautiful Potomac River one one side and surrounded by a canopy of greenery. Dr. Phillips, an ardent cyclist, has logged in thousands of miles along its course over the years.

Meet “Beans”

During the Covid break, “Beans” volunteered to be a patient!!! “Beans” is a very unusual dog. When treatment was finished he paid me with a “high five”!!!

A photo of our team member Tran Pham on vacation at Yellowstone National Park
Team member / Hygienist Tran Pham, RDH, B.S. enjoying her vacation at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park!

Favorite Dental Cartoons


Click here for one of the hottest Washington scandals …. Right here at 1625 K St.